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Neighborhood Watch - Mind Your Mail

By Ed Rataj, Neighborhood Watch Chair

While Nakoma is a safe neighborhood, there are occasionally safety concerns that we need to be aware of. Recently, mail has been taken from neighbors’ mailboxes. Most of this mail was found torn open, leaving the police to suspect that the persons responsible were looking for gift cards or cash.

Likewise, outgoing mail is an easy target for anyone looking to get a hold of your financial information and assume your identity. To keep your mail safe and to avoid identity theft, place bill payments in an official federal mailbox, rather than leaving them unattended in your own mailbox. Consider doing the same with all outgoing mail.

Beyond managing your mail, there are things we can all do to keep our neighborhood safe. 

Pay attention to what is happening in our neighborhood. Alert your neighbors and police to any unusual or suspicious people or activity.

Get to know your neighbors. Where do they live? What kind of cars do they drive? This is still the best way to differentiate usual from unusual.

Leave outside lights on at night. Criminals like the dark.

ALWAYS lock doors and windows in your house and your car. Don’t leave wallets, purses, money or gifts in plain sight.

Do not let strangers in your house or car.

When in doubt, report. If something makes you uncomfortable or seems wrong, it probably is. Alert the police, your neighbors, and the block captain listed for your street in the Nakoma directory. You can also contact me at 232-0099 or the email address below.

If you would like to receive neighborhood watch email alerts, please provide your contact information to me at Ed Rataj, if you haven’t already. 

Ed Rataj